The British Paphiopedilum Society

The British Paphiopedilum Society was founded in August 1990 and encompasses all slipper orchids, paphiopedilums, phragmipediums, cypripediums and selenipedium.  It currently has a membership of nearly 200, drawn from countries throughout the world and at all levels of knowledge, from novice to professional.

The Society meets twice a year, holding symposia, usually in July and November, at various locations throughout the country.  At each meeting there are guest speakers, discussion forums, a table show and plant sales.

Cultural and habitat information, given by the speakers and members, is invaluable for successful growing and is usually accompanied by superb slides.

Since 1990 the Society has adopted a policy of inviting leading experts in the field of slipper orchids as our guest speakers.  Members have enjoyed over 40 "World Class Speakers", including experts like:

Dr Phillip Cribb (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK),  Frank Smith (Krull-Smith Orchids, USA), Masayoshi Takahashi (Tokyo Orchid Nursery, Japan),  Jerry Fischer (Orchids Ltd., USA), Dr Guido Braem (Schlechter Institut, Germany), Roelle Van Rooyen (Van Rooyen Orchids, South Africa), Prof. Leonid Averyanov (St. Petersburg, Russia), Jim Clarkson (University of South Florida Botanical Gardens).

Many orchid growers from around the world have had sales tables at our meetings, giving members the opportunity of acquiring rare and unusual top quality plants.

A  colourful quarterly Society Journal is sent out to each paid up member, reporting on events, talks and forthcoming activities. It is sent via Airmail to members outside of Europe

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